savings-heart-heart-screening01Saving lives is our number one priority.

To achieve this goal we will conduct heart screenings on youth at local high schools to identify cardiac anomalies that may lead to Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).



These screenings consist of a 3 step process:

  • Preliminary health history questionnaire
  • 12-lead EKG
  • If our cardiologist sees any potential red flags, then an echocardiogram will be done on the spot

Heart Screenings are administered by certified cardiologists with the assistance of experienced nurses and medical technicians. The process generally only takes thirty minutes, though times may vary. Male and female screening rooms will be separate, allowing for confidentiality and individual privacy to be respected during the screening process. Furthermore, the three-step process conducted is non-invasive with no x-ray’s or exposure to needles.

Although patients will be notified immediately of any concerns, official results will also be mailed within a few weeks of participation.