Saving Hearts, Saving Lives

Saving Hearts Foundation is on a mission to prevent Sudden Cardiac Arrest through awareness, education, and action. Our foundation provides free preventative heart screenings to young competitive athletes to test for warning signs of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). We also strive to educate the youth about the importance of knowing how to preform CPR and use an AED. Lastly, we place AEDs in schools that cannot afford to purchase one on their own.

Preventative heart screenings are not a part of annual physical exams. Saving Hearts fills this void by providing free heart screenings for young competitive athletes.

Founded by three UCLA undergraduates, Saving Hearts is a national non-profit foundation that strives to protect young athletes from Sudden Cardiac Arrest. In other words, a foundation run for the youth by the youth.


  • Provide free heart screenings at local high schools for the youth
  • Reduce the rate of SCA in our youth
  • Increase awareness and education about SCA and its warning signs
  • Teach the youth hands-only CPR and how to use an AED
  • Increase the percentage of bystanders who perform CPR and defibrillation by an AED
  • Initiate an AED sponsorship program, where individuals can purchase an AED for a school